Each Pixie Herd bonnet is lovingly crocheted by hand from all natural fibers in a little art studio in Texas. Durability, beauty, and a sprinkling of pixie dust are crafted into each one with the hope that young imaginations will run wild and stay cozy doing so. These bonnets are for the memory-makers and are designed to be passed down from one child to the next.

Audrey DeFord is the designer and maker behind Pixie Herd. She's been creating things with her hands since childhood. With a professional background in Studio Art and Painting, she began crocheting years ago as a hobby. After becoming a mother, Audrey's appreciation for handmade children's apparel launched her into designing bonnets for her newest little addition.  

 During 2015, Audrey began making pixie bonnets for her baby girl Flora Evangeline's first winter. Since no one can resist the magic of a baby in a pixie bonnet, inquiries started rolling in, and Audrey decided to perfect her template to sell her handmade bonnets to friends and family. One thing led to another, and Pixie Herd was born in late summer of 2016. We hope you and your little ones enjoy our bonnets as much as we do. #jointhepixieherd